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Main Tourist Attractions, National Parks/Reserves

The main tourist attraction sites are Shimba Hills National Reserve, Mwaluganje Sanctuary, marine reserves and parks, historic sites (Shimoni Holes and Diani Mosques)
forest, coral and sandy beaches, bird habitat areas, hotels and turtle breeding grounds. There still exist potential in this sector such as untapped cultural resources, plenty of potential tourist sites that could offer accommodation facilities and sport tourism.

Main Wildlife

The dominant wildlife species include elephants, baboons, monkeys, buffalos, giraffes and sable antelope (only found in Shimba Hills in Africa).

Tourist Class Hotels/Restaurants, Bed Capacity

There are 22 tourist class hotels in the county with a bed capacity of 5098. The county has high potential for investment in the tourist hotel sector particularly implementation of vision 2030 flagship project namely Diani Resort City whose construction is on course.


Major Development Challenges of Tourism Sector in Kwale

1. Low Participation of Locals in Trade, Tourism and Industry-There is a dearth of local investment in trade, industry and tourism. Very few local entrepreneurs have investments in medium and large businesses. Local entrepreneurs lack collateral and have limited skills and experience to invest and set-up sizeable commercial enterprises.

Further, despite the trade, industry and tourism sectors in the county generating millions of dollars each year, very little of this money filters back to the communities. Due to lack of skills and expertise few of the local people are employed in senior positions. Revenue to the county is still limited despite a lot of revenue being collected from national reserves like Shimba-Hills national park and huge profits made from the emerging mining companies, tourist hotels and cottages and other commercial entities. 

2. Overdependence on traditional tourist attraction
The tourism industry has been mainly focusing on marketing traditional attractions such as leisure and wildlife. Other products like cultural attractions, sports tourism, events tourism and conferencing are not fully developed hence not fully exploited due to lack of resources and inhibitive regulatory framework. Kenyan beaches are public by nature and therefore are used by all and sundry to merchandise their wares. Whereas it is in order to do business on the beaches it becomes a problem when a section of these traders engage in pestering the tourists. This has adversely affected the image of Kenya beaches as a preferred holiday destination.

3. Under exploitation of local cultural heritage
Local music, dances, poetry, artefacts and technologies (such as lala, ryaka, etc) and natural resources like the Kaya have not been fully exploited for the benefit of the people of Kwale. Despite the county having one of the largest shares of tourists, the local cultural heritage is not aggressively promoted as one of the tourist attractions.
Due to the rich cultural heritage been clouded by negative cultural practices such as witch craft, many youth are shying away from promoting even the positive cultural heritage and values. If not well managed and properly exploited, Kwale county risks losing its cultural treasures.


 Kwale County Flagship Projects in Tourism

Project 1: Manufacturing and value addition industries/plants to facilate:

  • Establishment of commercially viable fruit processing  inside Mkongani ward
  • Fish processing in Shimoni
  • Silica sand and Cement processing in Msambweni
  • Industrial processing of Slates in Maji ya chumvi/Makamini
  • Revival of the Kwale-Mariakani Milk scheme

Project 2: Resort City in Diani

This project shall lead to attracting high network tourist, employment creation, Improved living standard, Infrastructure development, Make Kwale county preferred destination in Africa and word resort cities, promote other forms of tourism attraction like event tourism, sports tourism and conference tourism.

Kwale county Ministry's Mandate

Vision: A globally competitive, informed  economy with sustainable and equitable socio-economic development

Mission: promote, co-ordinate and implement integrated socio-economic policies and programs for a rapidly industrializing economy.

Strategic goals/objectives of the Department

Economic Objectives

1. The overall objective is to ensure that tourism retains its position as a leading export and that it becomes a major vehicle for job creation, poverty reduction and wealth creation for the people of Kwale County.
2. Achieve recognition and acceptance of tourism as a priority growth sector.
3. Maximize tourism revenues by increasing the number of visitors and their average length of stay and expenditure.
4. Spread tourism earning widely throughout the county, including previously neglected regions, with maximum participation of local communities.
5. Enhanced linkages between tourism and other economic sectors.
6. Encourage the creation of conducive investment climate.


Social Objectives.

1. Create awareness among the general public of the importance of and general role of tourism in the development of the county.
2.Encourage participation by the community on the ownership and operation of tourism
3. Increase community participation in the planning development, management and implementation of tourism project
4. Provide appropriate tourism education, awareness and capacity building programmes especially for previously neglected religions and community.
5. Ensure all citizens including the disabled have equitable access to travel opportunities and tourism attractions.
6.Elimante all forms of discrimination in tourism on the basis of language, religion, culture race, disability and gender
7.To monitor and minimize potential adverse social impact of tourism i.e sex tourism.
8. Provide a superior destination experience for visitors by developing and expanding the number and quality of tourists attraction product offerings .
9. To Improve Workplace Environment For  beach Traders.
10. To diversify tourists attraction products.
11. To increase media coverage and internet connectivity in the County offices/departments.
12. To provide quality, efficient and timely service delivery to clients

Department and it’s Mandates

Implementation of the tourism policy in the county

  1. Regulation of the industry: Inspection, investigation and maintenance of hotels & restaurants   standards
  2. Development of community based tourism projects and programmes
  3. Identification and development of tourism products
  4. Dissemination of tourism information
  5. Liaison with other government departments, NGOs and Tourism stakeholders on implementation of tourism policy issues
  6. Marketing and promotion of the County

Ali Barbour's Cave Restaurant

The Ali Barbour's Cave is thought to be between 120,000 and 180,000 years old. The natural coral cave compromises a series of interlinking chambers at depths of up to 10 m below ground level, opened to the sky. World-renowned, Ali Barbour's Cave Restaurant offers style and romance in an unrivaled atmosphere. A large mouth-watering a la carte menu and quality wine list, invite you to a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience. The starry night sky sets the romantic tone for this fine dining restaurant. Guests cannot help but be pulled into a historic era.


chui leopard resort

chui grill-leopard beach resort

Leopard Beach Resort's most famous restaurant is the acclaimed Chaine des Rotisseurs Chui Grill. The restaurant is a two-tiered open-air grill room specialising in steaks and fresh seafood. The Chui Grill is the resort's signature a la carte restaurant. Dining is either al-fresco on a two-tired deck overlooking the resort’s lily ponds, or in an air-conditioned, smoke-free section. This Chaines des Rotisseursrestaurant specializes in fresh seafood and grills, all of which can be prepared to suit individual taste. The restaurant has an extensive wine list and also offers a range of vegetarian dishes. The adjoining Wines & Whiskers bar is perfect for pre-dinner drinks and offers incredible selection of southern hemisphere wines. The Chui Grill is popular with guests and local residents alike and booking is recommended.Try some fine dining in a stunning setting. Residents and holiday-makers are welcome.

forty thieves

forty thieves beach bar

The only barefoot Bar and Restaurant at the Coast. A place where you can enjoy the Sun, Sand and the Sea. Relax on the comfy lounges spread out along the beach and savor the sensation of powder soft sand and waves lapping your toes while you have a refreshing cocktail, listen to live music, play bar games, watch water sports and enjoy a delicious breakfast or lunch. For the hungry early birds, Forty Thieves cooks up a delicious breakfast served right on the beach with your choice of fresh fruit juice, Tea or Coffee. For the lunch crowd, the chef will delight you with simple light meals of sandwiches and salads or you might like to dig into the scrumptious wholesome meals to include burgers, pastas, pizzas and fresh seafood varieties. Finish off with one of the special desserts or a cup of hot coffee, tea or hot chocolate and relax and enjoy a tantalizing cocktail and the breath taking sunsets of the South Coast.

nomad beach bar

Nomads Bar and Restaurant

has a beautiful set up on the glorious Diani Beach with shady palm trees hanging low and simply but elegantly decorated. The area is divided into the restaurant area and adjacent to the restaurant is the splendid Mvuli bar serving a large variety of local and international beers, whiskeys and spirits and also an impressive cocktail listing. The restaurant is an obvious choice for authentic Italian and Japanese cuisine. The restaurant offers a luxurious tropical breakfast buffet to start your day and is also open for lunch and dinner serving a choice of buffet or A-La-Carte according to your requests. Get spoilt for choice with a variety of authentic Italian Dishes, including wood fire pizza and pasta or opt for the exclusive Japanese menu with a choice of yummy tempura or appetizing sushi. If you are more of fresh seafood or tender meat cut sort, you will enjoy the vast selection of fresh caught seafood cooked with oriental or African hints of flavor, or scrumptious, tender cuts of meat cooked to perfection. Finish off with either their creamy homemade ice cream or delight your senses with one of their luscious desserts.

Eden Dishes -lotfa resort

Eden Dishes at Lotfa Resort Diani

Eden Dishes at Lotfa Resort Diani overlooks the swimming pool and the stunning gardens, it’s the ideal spot to enjoy well selected breakfast buffets and all day a la carte snack dinning. In the evening the restaurant is renowned for its selection of excellent delicious hamburgers, mouthwatering tasty chicken, seafood, salads and vegetarian meals.

We have simply stirred up the culinary landscape with a restaurant and a lounge bar that cater for the needs of our diverse clientele beyond service.

The lounge bar offers an array of beverages and minerals as well as your favorites bites and snacks to go with the drinks.


Marhaba Restaurant (AT THE BAOBAB & MARIDADI)

Perfect for a romantic evening or special occasion, the Marhaba is cooled by the sea breeze and offers an incredible view of the Ocean below. Overlooking the Indian Ocean, Marhaba offers a wonderful dining experience in a trendy East-Asian ambience. An ideal venue for a romantic evening with personalized service and attention to every detail. Specialising in seafood and grills, Marhaba guarantees our guests a gastronomic sensation for the palate. The know-how of our highly experienced chefs ensure all our guests' expectations are surpassed. Open 7:30PM-11pm


Tangezi Restaurant (AT KOLE KOLE)

The Tangezi restaurant offers Italian gourmet cuisine based on fresh ingredients which come together to create exquisite dishes and flavours. Specializing in fresh seafood from the Indian Ocean the Tangaezi is the perfect setting to enjoy delectable cuisine. The Tagezi is renowned to be amongst the best restaurants on Diani beach offering a very special dining experience. Please reserve your table. 20% discount on food for hotel residents. ole Kole’s unique restaurants and bars offer a delectable range of international, African and seafood dishes as well as a selection of fine wines and cocktails. Enjoy fresh lobster overlooking the ocean at the Tangezi Restaurant, sundowners ‘al fresco’ at the Kipepeo Bar and the view from the observation tower before dining at the all-inclusive Jodari Restaurant.

amani tiwi resort

Amani Tiwi Beach Resort, South Coast

Amani Tiwi Beach Resort is a breathtaking Five star resort located at Mombasa's South Coast at Tiwi 20 km south of Mombasa near Diani Beach, offering a beautiful blend of eco, African and Swahilli influences in design. In Nakumatt you will find all the goods you would get in a large supermarkets in Europe. Some of the prices are very high comparing to the local shops. Right next to the shopping center is DTB bank and ATM.

Visiti their Web for more info:

Beach Resort


Hillpark Hotel – Tiwi Beach

 is situated on the exclusive Tiwi beach, 20 km south of Mombasa, Kenya & 8kms north of Diani beach Kenya; it is here that you can experience African hospitality up close and at its best.

Located on a pristine white sandy beach, amid swaying coconut palm groves and magnificent old stoic baobabs, the resort offers a perfect setting for a relaxed and laid back beach vacation.

Be it a family holiday with children, beach wedding, honeymoon, business meetings with a difference or special interests like deep sea diving or fishing, Hillpark Hotel Tiwi beach has something special for everyone.

With exclusive beachfront presenting spectacular views of the Indian Ocean, the resort offers the ideal surroundings for a perfect stay.

Visiti their Web for more info:

Beach Resort

leisure lodge

Leisure Lodge Resort, Diani

Your ideal vacation starts the minute they welcome you to their one of a kind resort. Overlooking the turquoise Indian Ocean, The Leisure Lodge Resort enjoys a tranquil setting along Diani’s beautiful, unspoiled beach. Intuitively designed to suit your personal needs, the five-star Beach & Golf resort will certainly refresh your spirits.

- Casino
- Sports
- Kid's club
- Swimming pool
- Retail therapy
- variety of rooms
- Beachfront/oceanfront
- The Kileleni Conference facility
- Health and relaxation centre
- An 18-hole Championship Golf Course

Visiti their Web for more info:

Beach Resort

Leopard beach resort

Leopard Beach Resort & Spa, Diani Beach

Voted Kenya’s Leading Resort 2010 & 2011 at the World Travel Awards, Leopard Beach Resort & Spa has a reputation for excellence. Enjoying prime position on Diani Beach on Kenya’s South Coast, the resort has recently extensively upgraded accommodation and facilities.

Visiti their Web for more info:

Beach Resort

sleeps 316 in 158 rooms

Diani reef resort

Diani Reef Beach Resort, Diani Beach

Nestled in the pristine white sands of the South Kenyan coastline and overlooking the turquoise blue Indian Ocean, the exclusive Diani Reef Beach Resort & Spa, Mombasa Kenya provides the ideal getaway for the luxury traveller who is looking for the unique beach holidays in Kenya with enchanting experiences of serene beaches and traditional Kenyan wildlife game that it has to offer. Delving into Kenya is like rummaging through nature’s treasure chest. Revered by many anthropologists as the “cradle of humanity”, a Kenyan holiday promises the world’s most magnificent wildlife parks, adventure safari’s, unsullied beach holidays, thriving coral reefs, memorable mountains capes and ancient Swahili cities. The Swahili word “safari” (literally, journey) wouldn’t mean much to most people if it wasn’t for this East African adventure land; nothing will prepare you for the annual mass migration of wildebeests in the Masai Mara.

Visiti their Web for more info:


sleeps 288 in 144 rooms

Indiani Ocean Beach club

Jacaranda Indian Ocean Beach Resort

Make dreams come true at the Indian Ocean Beach Resort. Located on a pristine white sandy beach, amid swaying coconut palm groves and magnificent old stoic baobabs, the resort offers a perfect setting for a relaxed and tranquil holiday.The Indian Ocean Beach Resort was opened in 1992. It is an exclusive, luxury resort built on the site of a 16th century mosque.The Kenyan coast was once ruled by the rich Sultans of Zanzibar, hence the architecture is Arabic and a lot of antics from the Sultans Palace have been used as décor. The main reception has an antique “Chandelier” given to the Sultan by British traders for landing rights.

Visiti their Web for more info:

Beach Resort

baobab beach resort- diani

Baobab Beach Resort & Spa, Diani Beach

Located on the world famous Diani Beach, The Baobab Beach Resort and Spa is set within 80 acres of tropical gardens, overlooking the Indian Ocean. An oasis of tranquillity and serenity, the Resort’s picturesque location is nestled on a coral headland overlooking vast stretches of golden beach. Shaded by indigenous coastal vegetation and exotic coconut palms the resort stretches over 500 metres of golden beach front offering the ultimate luxury beach holiday.

Guestrooms have been specifically designed to provide paramount comfort and luxury for all our clients. Guests may utilise leisure facilities across the resort including 3 swimming pools, dining areas and much more. 

Baobab Beach Resort and Spa is renowned as Kenya's leading all-inclusive resort and takes pride in an exemplary level of service and attention to detail. Our staff are on-hand to ensure your stay is both relaxing and unforgettable. We look forward to welcoming you to Baobab Beach Resort and Spa - “In a world of its own”

Visiti their Web for more info:

Beach Resort

Lotfa Resort

Lotfa Resort

Lotfa resort Diani is ideally located along Diani beach road in the south coast of Mombasa, a vibrant little paradise on the Indian Ocean shores just to the south of Mombasa in the beautiful Kenya Diani beach.

Equally lotfa resort is situated minutes away from the Ukunda airstrip and is just 300m away from the Diani beach. Diani Beach is probably the only place in the world where one can set out in the morning to swim with the whale shark, the biggest fish in the ocean and then have a 30-minutes drive to explore the biggest land animal, the elephant in the afternoon at the Shimba Hills National Reserve.

Visiti their Web for more info:

Beach Resort

swahili beach resort

Swahili Beach Resort, Diani Beach

An innovative five star resort development, is centrally located on the famous Diani Beach of Kenya’s south coast. This unique hotel offers a harmonious blend of the architectural influences from the East African coast, Arabia, India, and Zanzibar that have fused over millennia to create the vibrant Swahili culture.

Offering an air of sophistication unseen on the Kenya coast, Swahili Beach has been designed with state-of-the-art technologies to ensure minimum short & long term ecological impact, while delivering unparalleled comfort to its guests.

Visiti their Web for more info:


Beach Resort


kazi kazi beach hotel

Kaskazi Beach Hotel is a Four Star beach resort conveniently located in Kenya’s world famous South Coast on the Diani Beach line, and only a short walking distance from the beach area shopping centre, restaurants, and banks. The resort has been turning moments into memories for our guests for over 18 years. The resorts magnificent architechture (modeled after 5th century Sunni Arab palaces), coupled with the ingenious use of the landscape to create cascading ocean view terraces surrounded by hanging gardens makes it a one of a kind resort in all of the East African coast line

Visiti their Web for more info:




Diani Sea Lodge, Diani Beach

The Diani Sea Lodge is situated on Diani Beach, 35 km south of the exotic port city of Mombasa. In the 40.000 sqm tropical garden with old trees existing in an Arab style, the bungalows are scattered in small groups.

Visiti their Web for more info:




sleeps 324 in 162 rooms


Sands at Nomad, diani

Set on 225 meters of pristine greensward with uninterrupted vistas over one of the most beautiful stretches of this legendary beach, The Sands is the inspiration of the celebrated local artist, Mario Scianna, who applied years of experience as a boat-builder to craft this breath-taking hotel.

Visiti their Web for more info:



Botique Hotel

sleeps 88 in 37 rooms

neptune paradise

Neptune Paradise Beach Resort & Spa, Diani

The Neptune Paradise Beach Resort & Spa is set in a beautiful tropical garden. The 92 rooms are in makuti roofed cottages bungalows with only 4 rooms per unit. This gives you a relaxing and quiet holiday. Restaurants and bars form a perfect match between hotel and nature and offer a real African atmosphere. The Resort is located at the South Coast at the famous Diani Beach. Mombasa town at ca. 40 km, Moi International Airport at ca. 45 km and the nearby Ukunda Airstrip is only ca. 8 km away.

Visiti their Web for more info:




sleeps 190 in 92 rooms

almanara luxury villas

Almanara Luxury Villas, Diani Beach

Almanara Luxury Resort is located in Diani Beach, south of Mombasa, Kenya on the east coast of Africa on a 25 km stretched beach along the coastline, pearl white sands and lush green forests provide a backdrop of serenity that defines paradise.ucked amidst the towering palms and tropical gardens, Almanara Luxury Resort sits quietly – boasting six fully inclusive villas along with a spectacular Presidential Villa. Complete with personal chef and maid services, this all-inclusive resort provides guests with the chance to enjoy 7-star luxury while experiencing the genuine cultures of Africa.

Visiti their Web for more info:



Boutique Hotel

sleeps 14 in 7 villas


Pine Wood Beach Resort & Spa, Diani Beach

Pinwinning boutique hotel, located at the Diani, Ukunda, South Coast Mombasa, where natural beauty and inspired design are merged to create the perfect romantic destination. Situated on the unspoiled shores of the wonderfully warm Indian Ocean, this intimate and stylish beach resort prides itself on exceptional personal service and attention.

Savour fine food prepared using fresh local ingredients from our very own vegetable garden or straight from the bountiful Indian ocean. Indulge your appetite during our daily changing delectable evening theme dinner feasts, or be pampered in our Suites with your very own personal chef who caters to your every whim.

Visiti their Web for more info:




sleeps 100 in 56 rooms


Shimoni Reef Lodge, Shimoni

he Coral Islands and marine reserve around Shimoni are on our doorstep. The local fishing community and sport fishermen remain dynamic and the environment is full of healthy marine life. Miles of amazing diving and snorkeling inside Kisite Mpunguti marine reserve are just a boat ride away, where 95% of visits include seeing and swimming alongside dolphins, turtles, snappers, rays and many of the most amazing fish of the Indian Ocean. The coral is alive with colour in better condition than most reefs anywhere you will see in the world today. The Shimoni area also has an interesting and rich history and equally interesting flora and fauna.

Visiti their Web for more info:



Botique Hotel

sleeps 26 in 9 rooms


Papillon Lagoon Reef Hotel, Diani

Papillon Lagoon Reef is located on Diani beach, widely considered to be Kenya's most beautiful beach.The hotel is built in traditional Swahili style, and nestles within exotic gardens, where colobus monkeys populate ancient baobab trees.

Make the most of the beach-side location and enjoy a wide range of day time and evening activities organised by the hotel's animation team or book a diving trip with our resident PADI dive team to explore the nearby coral reefs. The pool, with its own swim-up bar, is a great place to relax and there’s also a separate pool for children.

Visiti their Web for more info:




sleeps 238 in 119 rooms

shimbahills lodge

Shimba Hills Lodge

This award-winning tree lodge was built in 1986 and is our youngest property. It is located in Shimba National Reserve, Kenya’s last remaining habitat of the Rare Sable Antelope.

The lodge stays refreshingly cool in its forest setting despite being only 45 minutes drive from the hot, humid coastal city of Mombasa (and 30 minutes from the South coast resorts of Diani).

The lodge overlooks a waterhole and is a bird and animal watcher’s paradise. Dramatic black and white Colobus Monkeys, herds of Elephant and graceful Giraffes are often seen at Shimba. For the very fortunate, the Leopard will make a rare appearance. A wooden walkway extending 120m into the forest takes nature lovers to a viewing spot that allows for the unobtrusive viewing of birds and butterflies. Other adventures include a visit to Sheldrick Falls, or an evening game drive followed by a walk through the forest that ends with drinks and snacks in a glade.You can view the Usambara Mountains in Tanzania from the sundowner site.

Visiti their Web for more info:




nakumatt diani

Nakumatt Shopping Centre

The he largest and the most popular shopping is Nakumatt. Nakumatt Diani beach is very modern hypermarket with a few boutiques on the upper floor and a pharmacy and lovely restaurant with cafeteria on the ground floor. The shopping center is located in the central area and is easy accessible with local Matatu transfer. In Nakumatt you will find all the goods you would get in a large supermarkets in Europe. Some of the prices are very high comparing to the local shops. Right next to the shopping center is DTB bank and ATM.



Bahari plaza shopping center

Another great place to get goods is Bahari plaza shopping center. Bahari plaza is a large shopping area spread on both sides of the main road. Ushago restaurant and Chandarana supermarket. You will find here also a pharmacy, Fidelity bank, a large vegetable-fruit shop, Ushago restaurant, safari companies, jewelry shop and a few boutiques. On the other side of the road is excellent Ajuverdic pharmacy where clients staying in our accommodation will receive 20%discount on any goods! There you will find as well hardware shop, hairdresser, internet café and newly opened cocktail bar La Strada..




Diani Beach shopping center

The second largest shopping area is Diani Beach shopping center. You will find there supermarket Muthaiga, pharmacy, DM safaris, two restaurants and a sport bar, a large local shops for vegetable, fruits, spices, few boutiques, African art gallery, internet café, Italian bakery, bank and even apple store for computers.



Colliers Center

Colliers Center is a is a private owned apartment complex situate next to an amazing restaurant called Leornado’s Restaurant.The fitly framed structure has approximately 22 Columns with polished wooden cladding and an arched roof forming open-sided entrances at every inter-space of the columns. The wine bar is the organizing part of Leornado’s and provides the most significant part of this piece of Architecture. The seats of the wine bar are equally welcoming and concise.Apart from restaurant food, they serve Kenyan Cuisine, Americano, Margarita, Gin-Fizz, Whisky-Sour amongst other combinations that were too interesting to cloud my imagination



Palm Beach Hospital

Welcome to Palm Beach Hospital Diani Kenya.We have invested heavily in modern equipment and highly qualified personnel, in order to provide our clients most needed health services. At Palm Beach Hospital, we give more than Health Care Human Care.

The private rooms are for single occupancy. They are spacious and en suited with bathtubs and shower. All rooms have split air conditioners, a bedside nurse call system, hair driers, an electric kettle for coffee/tea, a telephone, a mini fridge and newly upgraded digital satellite TV and DVD. Each room has a well stocked mini-bar, phone and provision for internet browsing.



Diani Beach Hospital

Diani Beach Hospital is the premier private healthcare facility located in the beautiful Diani Beach on the South Coast of Kenya. From the advanced cardiac care ambulance to the state-of-the-art ICU we have taken steps to ensure that our patients get medical care on par with some of the top international hospitals. Our range of facilities include outstanding laboratory and imaging services, dental and physiotherapy departments, minor and major theaters, 24 hour doctors on call, and in-patient services. for more info visit

Diani Beach hospital


Banking service

Barclays Diani Branch has operated in Kenya for over 90 years. Barclays has established an extensive network of 117 outlets with over 230 ATMs spread across the country

Equity Bank -commenced business on registration in 1984. It has evolved from a Building Society, a Microfinance Institution, to now the all inclusive Nairobi Stock Exchange and Kenya Securities Exchange public listed Commercial Bank.

KCB Bank-The history of KCB dates back to 1896 when its predecessor, the National Bank of India opened an outlet in Mombasa. Eight years later in 1904, the Bank extended its operations to Nairobi, which had become the Headquarters of the expanding railway line to Kenya.

National Bank Of Kenya are able to provide a secure and professional service to a number of customers in both the Retail and Corporate market sectors. National Bank of Kenya has one of the largest networks in the country 

nationa-kcb bank

Shimba Hills National Reserve

The national reserve lies approximately 33km south of Mombasa town, in Kwale district of coast province. The coastal ecosystem comprise of a heterogeneous habitat including forestlands, exotic plantations, scrublands and grasslands. The ecosystem holds one of the largest coastal forests in East Africa after Arabuko-Sokoke forest. The reserve is rich in flora and fauna and hosts the highest density of African elephant in Kenya. Other animal species found in the area are Sable antelope, black and rufous elephant shrew, bushy tailed mongoose and other small mammals like fruit bat. The forest is an important bird area and is endowed with forest birdlife while the grasslands hold localized species such as red-necked-Spurfowl, Croaking Cisticola and Zanzibar Red Bishop.

sable antelopes shadrack falls elephants
Sable antelopes Shadrack falls



  • From Mombasa, take the ferry at Likoni to access the southern coastline where Diani and Tiwi beaches are. Then, take the main A14 coast road 10 km southwards until you join the main crossroad. Take the road climbing to Kwale Town (C106). The main gate is located at 1 km from the C106 road and 3 km from Kwale


  • Main gate
  • Kivumoni Gate
  • Kidongo Gate
  • Shimba Gate


  • 300 km2
  • The reserve is approximately 33 km South of Mombasa, in Kwale district of Coast Province


  • Hot and moist but is cooler than that at the coast with strong sea breezes and frequent mist and cloud in the early morning. Annual rainfall is 855mm-1682mm. Mean annual temperature is 24.2 degrees Centigrade.


  • At present the reserve does not operate the Safari Card system. Entry is by cash only.


  • Drinking water, picnic items and camping equipment if you intend to stay overnight. Also useful are: binoculars, camera, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and guidebooks.


  • Sable Antelope
  • Elephant habitat
  • Sheldrick Falls
  • Various view points
  • Mwaluganje Forest

Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park

The marine park is located on the south coast, 40km from Ukunda town in Msambeni District of coast province.  The ecosystem covers a marine area with four small islands surrounded by coral-reef. Kisite island is covered in low grass and herbs while Mpunguti Islands have dense coastal equatorial forest. Sea grasses Cymodocea serrulata and Syringodium isoetifolium cover a large area of the sub-littoral zone of the reef. Marine algae include Padina commersonii, Dictyota bartayresiana, Bostrychia binderi, Ulva lactuca, Dictyosphaora sp., Udotea indica, and Halimeda opuntia. Major attractions include the Dolphins, coral gardens and it is an important site for snorkelling, diving and bird watching. The beautiful sandy beach is good for  enviromental friendly recreational activities

wasini island kisite-dolphin kisite-mpunguti
wasini island snorkle with dolphins wasini show


  • Snorkeling
  • Sunbathing
  • Recreational activities that are enviromentally friendly 
  • Licenced filming
  • Bird watching
  • Dolphin Watch
  • Diving


    • In - Park Accommodation
      •   There is Currently no accommodation in the reserve. Visitors can stay in Diani town which offers various accommodation options. There are lots of luxurious, comfortable and culturally rich hotels and lodges to choose from.
    • KWS Self – Catering Accommodation:
      • The Shimoni Bandas.
      • Camping site
      • Chlobus Campsite
      • Mpunguti Special Campsite honeymooners
    • Community accomodation:
      • The Shimoni gardens
      • Shimoni Reef Hotel