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Chief Officer-Hamisi Bweni Dzila

Education & Experience

Born in 30th, August, 1968
Academic qualification: Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine(University of Nairobi), Masters of Business administration(Moi University), Diploma in Project Management(Kenya Institute of Management)
My core values: professionalism integrity respect for diversity social responsibility .

Hobbies: Reading for pleasure and knowledge Watching football and playing table Tennis



A globally competitive county economy with sustainable and equitable socio-economic development.


To promote, coordinate and implement integrated socio-economic policies and program for a rapidly industrializing economy.


 Promote cooperative movement

 Enhance value addition through SMEs

 Explore markets for trade within and outside the County

 Develop relevant policies

 Micro and Small Enterprise development

 SME training

 Establish linkages with National Government to promote industrialization.

 Develop incubation centers

 Promote of Industrial parks

 Promote industrial innovations.

 Betting control and licensing.

 Weights and Measures.

Strategic Themes and Objectives:

Strategic Themes:

i. Promotion of micro and small enterprises into medium and large scale businesses and facilitate their linkage into mainstream industries

ii. Packaging and promoting Kwale as a favorable investment destination

iii. Promotion of Public Private Partnerships in investments;

iv. increasing and supporting participation of County business activities into market value chains.

Strategic Objectives:

i. To Increase integration of county entrepreneurs into market value chain.

ii. To Improve Workplace Environment For Traders.

iii. To enhance consumer protection and fairness in trade.

iv. To Promote Public Private Partnerships

v. To promote Kwale County as a favourable investment destination.

vi. To promote industrialization by growing the Jua Kali sector into medium and large industries.

vii. To facilitate formation, growth and development of Cooperative Societies in the County in line with global Cooperative principles.

Project A: Rehabilitation of Tiwi market

Project start date : May 2014

End date : Ongoing

Located: Tiwi Ward

Social benefits: The project will provide a permanent site for doing business especially for business people trading in groceries and general household consumables. The community around Tiwi market and its environs will have a one stop center for all their daily household needs

seeds distribution
Roof before rehabilitation

Product stands before rehabilitation

Expected Operational after rehabilitation

Project B: Technology upgrade through Mechanization of stone "duruma shale" quarrying

Project start date : July, 2013

End date: Ongoing
Located: Project is being piloted in Mwangoloto village though project  area covers more than 19 quarries stretching from Mwangoloto to Mnago wa Dola in Samburu/Chengoni ward. The project has just began and will be upscaled to all areas with potential for mining/quarrying of duruma shales in Kinango and Lungalunga sub counties

Social benefits: The project will provide a permanent site for cutting and packaging of duruma shales i.e. ceramic slabs and building blocks. It will enable quarry workers multiply their production capacities, participate more  in the ceramics value chain by adding value to the stones they mine. Furthermore, the project will increase the miners' economic returns as they will be selling finished products instead of raw materials and also minimize on wastage. The community around Samburu and its environs will have easier access to finishing products for their construction projects. Similarly, construction projects within the County and beyond will be cheaper as they will be accessing cheaper and long lasting finishing materials for floors, bathrooms and other surfaces

cattle vaccination Launch goats
Raw uncut stone/slab
Hand cut stone/slabs

Ready for use well cut  and polished slabs. Ideal for floors, counter surfaces etc

cattle vaccination Launch cattle vaccination Launch

Machine cut slabs ready for use. Ideal for walls, column balusters

Machine cut slabs/tiles ready for the market