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A word from H.E
The Governor

The county and county as well have been on a long and provocative campaign period. I am so grateful to the people of this great county; Kwale for electing me as their second governor and further to all those who eyed this seat with me. I call upon all our political competitors and inform them that campaigns are over, lets join hands and work for our people.
As per our campaign slogan “ Kazi Iendelee”, my administration is going to build-on on the firm foundation that my predecessor; Hon. Salim Mvurya started.Taking cognizant of the “elimu ni sasa” program which has continued to inspire good performance among the learners of Kwale, I commit to increase the funding of this program to ensure majority of our children benefit. I also commit to complete all that is remaining ensure the Kwale Teacher’s Training College becomes a fully-fledged institution.
In health, significant milestones have been reached to develop the health service infrastructure; from 35 dispensaries in 2013 to now around 150 facilities which include a referral hospital endowed with a renal unit, blood bank and well-equipped Intensive Care Unit. Health care improvement will take pivotal role in this administration.
We are inheriting a much more improved county in terms of infrastructure in comparison to where we were in 2013. This administration will enhance public participation in regards to which roads to be developed and strengthen linkages with the national government to have more link roads tarmacked.
Water is an essential commodity. Over the period of 10 years, Kwale County Government has concentrated efforts in construction of dams, pipelines and sinking boreholes. This has proved not enough with the current drought situation affecting a greater part of Kwale. br>This regime will map out the needy areas, foster surveys to ensure viable and amicable solutions for this perennial problem come to its very end.
Socially, I commit to adopt the bottom-up approach in my bid to empower Kwaleans economically. Further, my victory as a Muslim woman opens a wide door of empowerment to the many youths and women who subscribe to our development agenda.